AMZFetch now seems redundant as Amazon Digital Music services seems to now give you a zip file with all the MP3 tracks in it now instead of utilizing an xml file, therefore no further development will occur on AMZFetch

AMZFetch is a small utility to utilize Amazon digital music's proprietary .amz file type to download your music when you purchase from the Amazon digital music store.

This came about from my need to download the MP3s I was buying on the Amazon music store without needing to download every file individually (at the time of writing you could only download 6 at a time, and Amazon had discontinued their own Linux app).

AMZFetch is written using Python 2.7.x and uses TKInter for its GUI, in soon-to-be re-write of AMZFetch I will be completely revamping the code for more features and will be actually moving over to wxPython for GUI handling rather than TKInter — I'm finding wxPython a lot easier and more powerful to work with even though it is a newer and less established project.



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