Leigh Burton

I am a system reliability engineer at a leading Content delivery network and live streaming provider by trade, I am in charge of the reliability and uptime of 500+ server nodes globally, as well as being the operations lead for most of the current live streaming related projects.

In my spare time I am increasing my knowledge of programming languages as well as developing my own applications based on my needs, (such as AMZFetch, a python app I developed to allow me to download Amazon MP3 files via their .amz format on my Linux laptop).

I am also developing a large-reaching project in Python to increase my Python skills, which also incorporates UX design using wxPython, handling HTML based interactions using Flask, PostgreSQL administration and interfacing with databases with Python using psycopg2, as well as Python network programming to tie various parts of the project together.

2 year code challenge

Starting November 1, 2015 I will be embarking on a 2 year code challenge. The goal of this is to learn something new every day or improve and increase my knowledge in the art of programming, either through learning some new programming nuance, to continuing with my current projects or even tackling new projects as I find new things I want to accomplish and solve.

All of this will be documented in the 2 year code challenge section of this site, which I hope to update every day with a running commentary of my progress, If you have any suggestions on things you think would be fun for me to tackle during the challenge just contact me.


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