AMZFetch is a small utility to utilize Amazon digital music's proprietary .amz file type to download your music when you purchase from the Amazon digital music store.  It is currently written with Python 2.7.x and uses TKInter.



Puddle is a simple weather app using Weather Underground API data to update data on your selected locations.

Puddle in working Beta, allowing a user to look up weather on one location, Future versions will allow for multiple simultaneous location views with the ability to display different available weather data for each location, as well as specify which locations you want to view on start-up of the application.

Weather Underground is a registered trademark of The Weather Channel, LLC. both in the United States and internationally. The Weather Underground Logo is a trademark of Weather Underground, LLC.

Perspective Streaming Synthesis


Synthesis: "The combination of ideas to form a theory or system."

Perspective is a long term project I am working on to create a complete streaming solution using just Python and associated libraries, with the 'meat' of the project being handled in 5 parts:

  • Video Encoder: wxPython based GUI encoder, Specs TBD
  • Transcoding Server(s): Handles stream ingress (single bitrate) and then transcodes to multiple bitrates on the fly.
  • Archive Server: User submitted archiving of streams.
  • Stream Balancer: To be used for balancing incoming streams over multiple Transcoding servers, also handles Authentication.
  • HTML5 based player.


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